The purpose of this website is to share a true story. It is the story of a man I call ‘My Fairy God Father.’ His name is Thomas LaClair. Two times in my life, first when I was at a low point and praying for a solution, and again, when I was making a big transition in my life and unsure of where to go, he came to me with wonderful solutions.

I am not related to this man and never met him until the day he 2013-10-27_12-31-19_589answered an advertisement I had placed on RV Trader. I had been trying desperately to sell my motorhome for nearly 18 months with no luck when finally one day, as I was facing some of the biggest financial challenges of my life, Thomas LaClair called. He wanted to buy and was willing to give me exactly what I  was asking. I flew to New Mexico to meet him and was instantly relieved when he loved my little motorhome  and exchanged cash for the keys. He was 78 years old at the time and planning to take one final journey in memory of his mother.

While I was sad to sell, I was relieved because it instantly ended by financial strain and I never looked back. I also never expected to hear from Mr. LaClair again.

But then when I was making a big transition at work and unsure where I would go next, he surprised me by calling again with a wonderful solution. He offered me the most amazing gift. He wanted me to have the motorhome back. “Sweetheart.  if you would be willing to keep her name Henri 2 in memory of my mother so she can continue her adventures with you, then she is yours,”

And so this story begins…

Once upon a time a beautiful baby girl was born. Her father looked at his tiny daughter and declared to her mother, We shall name her Flora Henrietta LaClair. And we shall call her Henri.

“But darling, Henri is a boy’s name!” his wife said in surprise.

“Ah not to worry,” the baby’s father said. “This girl is very special. She will be as strong and smart as any boy and, I sense, possess an adventuring spirit. She will touch the lives of many with her philanthropic heart and generosity. She will inspire all who hear her story.

And because ‘Henri’ grew up being told she was special, she always believed it and became special. Her generosity and goodness have touched the lives of many and spilled over to her son, Thomas LaClair.

Now I am the blessed recipient of Tom’s generosity and I am excited to share our adventures.

To view the story from the beginning, click here  or click October below archives. Please contact me from my contact page if you have any questions. Thanks for sharing my adventures.

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