Five weeks and healing

Debra McGhan

Salt River, AZ. Week three post op. Hiking and Happy!

The past four weeks have gone surprisingly fast. I’ve been taking it slow but gaining strength and energy every day. I started by walking about 10 steps to the door and back to the bed, and now walking a mile or so around the neighborhood. Today I returned to the doctor for my five week post op feeling great. The doctor is very pleased by my progress and declared me 75% recovered. Still have a couple internal stitches to go but everything looks good so that was happy news. But best of all, I’ve been cleared to ride my bicycle again.

I’ve been happy to get out and explore Arizona and walk to some beautiful places. The sun, earth and wind are healing my soul and feeding my spirit. I feel blessed and happy about my progress and how my body is feeling.

Now I just need to keep eating clean and be sure that I am doing enough to gain without doing too much that I go backwards. On to healing!

Debra and Michelle

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I am a freelance writer, former executive director of the Alaska Avalanche Information Center, former director of the North America Outdoor Institute and current Eligibility Tech II for the State of Alaska. I have more than 10 years of non-profiting consulting services experience helping non-profits navigate the path to federal compliance. I can help you answer the question, 'should I start a non-profit?'
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