A Christmas challenge

I woke from surgery expecting to go home after just a short overnight stay in the hospital. Instead I found myself flat on my back, stapled closed from my groin to my chest, and riddled with tubes and needles coming out of me. What happened?

I was surprisingly not in a lot of pain, just very, very uncomfortable and in a state of complete confusion. It took a few hours before I could finally keep my eyes open  and actually start to focus. So much for local anesthesia. They moved me to a room and after getting me settled, checking all the tubes sucking stuff out, giving me oxygen, checking my blood pressure and pulse and providing hydration, my daughter appeared.

She was so encouraging and said the surgeon would be in to explain everything but apparently they had run into issues right after they started the surgery. The surgeon joined us at that point and explained that just 30 seconds into the procedure, they encountered a mass in my abdomen, the result of a previous surgery years earlier that resulted in peritonitis. And that had left behind a mass of scar tissue adhering my small intestines to the abdominal wall. When they tried to insert the camera to do the laparoscopic hysterectomy,  they perforated my small intestines.

They had to stop the original surgery and call in another surgeon who specialized  in bowel resection. Fortunately, because I had done a cleanse in preparation of the surgery, they were able to make the repair, and then complete the hysterectomy. Instead of one procedure, I’d gone through two surgeries.

Instead of a one night stay, I was in the hospital for five days.

Today it has been two weeks and I’m slowly regaining my strength and my energy. I’m back to eating solid food and pleased that my plumbing all seems to be working again. What a trial.

The really great news, through all of this I have had no hip pain. I never needed to use narcotic pain relievers and I’m convinced, that has contributed to my fast rebound despite the seriousness of the surgery.

Now I am ready to get back on my path to health. I get the staples removed tomorrow and look forward to slowly but steadily regaining. One step, one block, one day at a time. Here is to a long, healthy future!


About urocksafety

I am a freelance writer, former executive director of the Alaska Avalanche Information Center, former director of the North America Outdoor Institute and current Eligibility Tech II for the State of Alaska. I have more than 10 years of non-profiting consulting services experience helping non-profits navigate the path to federal compliance. I can help you answer the question, 'should I start a non-profit?'
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