Preparing for a new journey

Debra working Bruce LakeThis summer I didn’t write much because I was so busy working on my property and building toward my future. My hips and legs have continually improved so I found my life back on track without being plagued with chronic pain. It’s been wonderful and absolutely amazing. So I was able to get out and work hard clearing brush, hauling water, burning, painting, planting…

And during this process I got tossed another curve ball. I discovered that as you age, things give out. The tissue gets old and fragile and no matter how much you want to believe you can still do stuff, your body may not agree.

Ultimately I had a prolapse of an organ. It’s like a hernia and requires surgical repair. So I found myself in Arizona preparing for surgery. I am not replacing a joint but I am having unneeded parts removed.

Now that I’m here, I’m okay. I’m emotionally accepting and prepared and just looking forward to having this behind me so I can once again get back to life. I have lots of big plans and don’t want this obstacle to block my path.

To prepare, I have been eating light, cleaning out my body and centering my Qi through my QiGong workouts. It’s definitely calming and helping me stay focused and ready to take on this task.

I’m hoping to get this done with a local anesthesia rather than a general because my one source of anxiety is not being able to wake up or trapped in hazy fog. So we’ll see how it goes. Two days to count down.

About urocksafety

I am a freelance writer, former executive director of the Alaska Avalanche Information Center, former director of the North America Outdoor Institute and current Eligibility Tech II for the State of Alaska. I have more than 10 years of non-profiting consulting services experience helping non-profits navigate the path to federal compliance. I can help you answer the question, 'should I start a non-profit?'
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