Steps forward

October 18, 2015

I don’t think the second stem cell treatment is working. The first treatment, where they harvested the stem cells from my body and then planted those, did make a huge difference. In fact, most days I almost feel like my left hip is healed, but because it’s still trying to heal and the right hip has been failing, it’s taking on so much extra load that many days it just hurts and feels overworked. The joint is tight and achy. UGH! I want to be over this and back on my feet. Thinking about life and moving, not about all the pain.

I’ve decided to go back to Algone and see Dr. Peterson again for a follow-up treatment of platelet therapy. Guess I’ll see how this goes.


About urocksafety

I am a freelance writer, executive director of the Alaska Avalanche Information Center, former director of the North America Outdoor Institute. I also provide non-profiting consulting services for other non-profits that want to be in full compliance and operating at top performance.
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