PhoenixI made it back to Phoenix for New Years.

Now it’s time to focus on conditioning so I can get back on the ski slopes.

My first workout included light jumping rope, pushups, situps, prone mountain climbers, handstands and kettle bell swings to get the blood pumping and my body warmed up. That was yesterday. Today I definitely feel sore and like I had a good workout but find my hips need some soft tissue massage to work out the lactic acid.

I realize that handstands are one of the hardest things I’m doing and today I’ll skip that and just focus on Yoga and stretching.

I also plan to try hiking and more conditioning but experience has taught me I also need to take it a bit easy and slowly work up to my old routine, not just jump in with both feet and over zealous enthusiasm. My goal is to be skiing next weekend so I want to keep at it but not over do it either. With just one week left to prepare I better get going.


About urocksafety

I am a freelance writer, executive director of the Alaska Avalanche Information Center, former director of the North America Outdoor Institute. I also provide non-profiting consulting services for other non-profits that want to be in full compliance and operating at top performance.
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